About Us

We are Leather manufacturers and exporters of top quality leathers from Cow Calf, Kips, Sides and Goat. Our articles are used in quality shoe making, leather goods, garments and gloves. We do offer leathers to our customers’ fulfilling their specific norms. We are LWG Gold Accredited



– Since its establishment in 2006, the FLAMINGO SSi in south India has gained a solid name on international markets and carved out a significant place for itself in the supply chain for leather and related goods.

“Have no fear of perfection, you’ll never reach it”
– Salvador Dali

Baby Calf is our predominant product, an average of

60 % of our production

Our baby calf raw skins are globally sourced

We produce from Raw skins upto Finished leather which gives us total control on our process, more importantly on quality

Majority of our Baby Calf production is consumed by shoes, garments and small leather goods.

Flamingo ssi is involved in every stage of the leather-making process, from the beamhouse to the finish leather.

We are environmentally aware.

Flamingo SSI assesses the potential environmental effects of producing finished leather from raw hides and skins and will take aggressive steps to reduce pollution and prevent pollution.


Our technicians have had an average of 25 years of tannery expertise.