Baby Calf is our predominant product of our Tannery, an average of 60 % of our production

Our main product, accounting for 60 percent of our production, is baby calf.

Our baby calf raw skins are supplied internationally,

We produce raw skins all the way to finished leather, giving us complete control over our workflow and, more importantly, quality.

Our baby calf output is mostly used for shoes, clothing, and tiny leather goods.

We Are lwg tannery in ranipet,


About 20% of our production is Kips and Cow Hides.

Most of our raw materials come from Europe, but we also use a tiny amount of Indian hides for our upper leather.

Our entire linings is made from Indian hides.


Our Tannery in Ranipet produce about 20% of our upper and lining leather of goat, and also offer a premium selection of leather linings created from both cow and goat.

Over the years, specifications have been developed to guarantee reliable, consistent, and compliant goods.

Our goat skins are all purchased locally.